I understand why Inventarium is successful.

Hello Ms. Morin and Mr. Paquette, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you very much for the answers you have given me this week when I contacted you. Ms. Morin you were very kind and patient with me in explaining the details and I enjoyed. I did not know your business, but after this discussion and analysis of your website, I understand why you are successful for several years, I tip my hat! So I filled out the required documents in order to conduct the analysis of our project, we will move forward with you. I met my partner just now to put the final details and then I will send you all as soon as everything will be completed. This is a stressful and exciting step at a time, I guess you first time was like, I'm really excited! I look forward to start this business relationship with you, to be very pleasant and profitable for everyone I'm sure. I will probably have many questions, uncertainties and little moments of panic, but I am convinced that I will be in good hands with you throughout the process. I wish you a wonderful day and see you soon!

Raphaƫl Rioux