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Float accessory for a land vehicle

A float accessory for land vehicles has a front rack portion and a rear rack portion. Both rack portions are mechanically fastened to a frame assembly which is itself attached to a vehicle frame. The front rack portion is connected to the frame assembly, and the front rack portion and the rear rack portion have two sides wherein each side has a lifting arm rotationally attached thereto by way of a pivot member. The lifting arms are secured in their lowered configuration by way of a latch and catch combination. The lifting arms are also locked in their upper configuration and intermediate configurations by way of a perforated disc cooperating with a spring lock pin. A grommet connected to at least the front rack portion lifting arms, and in combination with a cable, wherein the cable is connected to a hoist apparatus. The hoist apparatus pulls on the cable in order to lift the lifting arms. The lifting arms are attached to floats by way of a float attachment member itself being connected to an inverted "T" member configured and sized to fit inside a groove forming an integral part of the float.

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