Obtained Patents

Decorative attachment for increasing visibility of screen doors

A decorative attachment to improve visibility of screen doors in order to prevent inadvertent walk-through and resultant injury to persons or damage to the screen.


Versatile panel with internal extruded profiles

The invention relates generally to doors and cabinetry but more particularly to a system of assemblable panels for multipurpose usage as doors or cabinetry doors.


Articulated protective tarpaulin for towed vehicle

An articulated protective tarpaulin for towed vehicle comprises two elements which are allowed to overlap when the towing vehicle is making a turn, one element being connected to the towing vehicle while the other element being connected to the towed vehicle.


Men’s sports brief

Male sports brief having special pocket for genitals and stitches arranged for increased comfort.


Implement for carrying waste

An implement for carrying waste while using a leash. The implement includes a leash receiving member for releasably securing the leash thereto. A waste receiving container is provided for receiving the waste thereinto.


A cover for ceiling fan blades and motor

This invention relates generally to ceiling fans but more particularly to removable covers for blades and motor housing.


Bottle that can transform into a whistle

A bottle that transforms into whistle when emptied.


Bio Catcher

A bio catcher has a comb or rake like device attached to the front of a boat and which can be adjusted to more selectively collect a variety of bio matter, most notably aquatic plants.


Collapsible tire stand

A collapsible tire stand is comprised of a frame and said frame preferably made up of a pair of U-shaped members each comprised of a base segment and toward each ends of the base segment extends a supporting member extending perpendicularity


Fuel air magnetic system

A fuel-treating device called Fuel Air Magnetic System comprises two pairs of magnets, one paired positioned on each inlet for fuel and oxygen so that the incoming fuel is exposed to a magnetic field.


Platform for training and aiding a pet to use a conventional toilet

A platform for training and aiding a pet to use a conventional toilet is attached to the rim of a toilet bowl and further provided with a holding means used for holding a tray containing a substance to attract and create a habit for the pet to come to that location.


Double action rake

A double action rake has a rake part composed of tines attached to a handle, and a set of secondary tines passing through a comb The secondary set of tines is attached


Photocell activated switch for use with seven ways connector

A Photocell activated switch for use with seven ways connector has specially designed electronic components that fits inside a seven ways connector so that by connecting the device into a seven ways connector, external lights on a camper trailer can be controlled independently from the towing vehicle.


Artificial decorative masonry and manufacturing process thereof

A method for making artificial masonry pieces wherein a portion of perlite is admixed with 7 portions of calcium sulfate (CaSO4) and a resulting mixture is stirred; various pigments are added which are generally metal oxydes; the mixture is poured into molds and set to cure.


Wall hung automatic pet feeding machine

An automated pet feeding machine has a very simple system for measuring and distributing food quantities using the combination of a solenoid, slidable panels and a biasing means to tilt a food measuring tray down from a first position into a second position where its content is poured into a pet's feeding bowl. The downward tilt motion of the food measuring tray blocks any food from flowing out of the hopper during this step.


Orbital hydroponic or aeroponic agricultural unit

An hydroponic/aeroponic agricultural unit that involves sealing the plants in a highly water saturated environment which more closely recreates the feel of natural rainwater. Also, this invention features the ability of quickly changing from a small housing into a larger housing by varying the diameter of a drum so that a small drum can act as a nursery for seedlings. Once the seedlings have turned into plants, the drum is made larger. The plurality of planks making up the drum can be positioned close to the lamp when they are small and farther away when larger. A simple yet reliable system allows for the rotation of the drum.


Food Lifter

A lifter for pet food or water bowls. consists in a channel through which slides a riser lifting a hook onto which is hooked either a platform or a bowl or any such container. A handle allows the user to raise the hook to any desired height at which point it is automatically locked to that given height. By actuating a lever, the hook can be lowered.


Pop-up mechanism to raise the top of pieces of furniture

A pop-up mechanism working in parallel pairs used for lifting the tabletop part of a piece of furniture has a pair of cantilever arms joined together by an upper oblong member and a lower oblong member, both said upper oblong member and lower oblong member being parallel relative to each other and each being rotationally attached to opposite ends of said pair of cantilever arms.


Quick release door hinge system

A quick release door hinge system has a locking pin and two flaps: A jamb flap that is fixedly attached to a door jamb and a door flap which is fixedly attached to a door.


Bag carrying bicycle rack

A bag carrying bicycle rack installed over the rear wheel of a bicycle. In order to more appropriately hold a knapsack, a stretchable “fishnet” is used as a means to hold the knapsack. Because it is stretchable, it can conform to a variety of irregular shapes and hold them very securely.


Water condenser

A water condenser comprising a primary entry access, and an air entry access so as to bring air inside. A junction between a condensate reservoir passageway and a main passageway to control air flow.


Tire actuated generator for use on cars

A tire actuated generator for use on a car has a pair of wheels making contact with the rear tire.


Carpet slider for baby stroller

A Carpet slider for baby strollers has a flexible mat on top of which a stroller is placed. A pair of straps curl up the front and the back of the mat.


Ergonomic bicycle pedal with removable platform

An ergonomic bicycle pedal with removable platform comprises a pedal axle configured to receive a pedal body A socket extends integrally from the underside of the removable platform.


Forehead clearing apparatus for hats, caps and related headwears

A forehead clearing apparatus having a pair of wedge shaped modules comprising hook and pile strips wherein the pile strip has a peel and


Portable hockey puck freezer

A portable hockey puck freezer consists of a freezable gel as is well known in the art of and is put in a freezer, along with pucks so that when taken out of the freezer, the pucks will stay frozen for several hours until they are needed for playing.


Fishing lure recuparator

A fishing lure recuperator comprised of a looped piece attached to a connector itself attached to a cord and which is slid down a fishing line in order to grab hold of a stuck fishing lure and pulling it up to the surface.


Anchor bracket for post

An anchor bracket for post having the possibility of offering from four to twelve anchor fastening points meant for anchoring a variety of types of mechanical fasteners depending upon the surface material upon which it is to be installed.


Support for hanging objects displayed on a wall

A support for hanging objects displayed on a wall consists of a shaped element integrated within a holding element.


Adjustable marker

An adjustable marker for delimiting boundaries comprised of a spacing rod, an anchoring peg and a pivotal connection pivotably engaging between the said spacing rod and the said anchoring peg.


Rake having grasping features

A rake having grasping features, the rake including and elongated and tubular rake handle. A main rake head is attached to the handle and an auxiliary rake head is pivotally attached to the main rake head by an auxiliary head hinge.


Food container having a separable refrigerant section

A food container having a separable refrigerant section has a container part having an open upper end and a lower end with a bottom.


Antiskid device for inline skates

The present invention provides an antiskid device which covers inline skate wheels and which can be folded onto itself so as to become half as long. In this way, it is much easier to conceal inside a pocket or a pouch.


Combined joint compound dispenser and applicator for corners

A combined joint compound dispenser and applicator for corners comprises a cylinder mechanically attached to a tube extending therefrom.


Method and structure for installing an overhead and hinge door combination

A method and a structure for dividing a door opening such as a conventional garage door opening and allowing for easy installation of both a side mounted swinging door and an overhead type door.


Filtering wall for expendable forms, means and process for making said filtering wall and forms equipped with same

The invention concerns a filtering wall designed for an expendable formwork comprising a lattice formed by assembling flexible warp and weft yarns, the lattice being stretched on an undeformable structure.


Torque socket

A torque socket has an outer cylinder having markings on an outer surface thereof. A receptacle including a male ratchet member at one distal end, and a plurality of cavities and a central channel at an opposite end.


Protective safety cover for the pin box and the king pin of a fifth wheel type trailer

A protective safety cover for fifth wheel pin has a main panel having at least one edge, and an opening adapted to receive the king pin of the trailer therethrough;


Caisson ceiling system

A caisson system having an attachment plate fastened to ceiling joists; compressible spacers to allow for the attachment plate to be perfectly straight;


Cabinet for gas utility meter

A cabinet for gas utility meter comprises a cover and a backing. The backing positioned behind a meter and the backing being fixedly attached to a wall.


Removable bird cage cantina

A removable bird cage cantina is an adjunct to an existing bird cage, is removable and serves as a place where birds feed.


Air detected light reflecting modular beacon system

A modular signaling system for a runway.


Plant containerizing and watering device

A plant containerizing and watering device for containing a plant growing medium and facilitating irrigation of the growing medium by a liquid.


Water stop for water moisture

An improved waterstop having the important added feature of a hydro expansive compound which expands when subjected to water.


Self-leveling cup holder

A self-leviling cup holder comprises a combination of two rotational axes that provide for angular compensation means to maintain a cup level as well as keeping the center of gravity of the cup low.


Dumbell with angle bar

A dumbbell having a bar that is set non perpendicularly to the weights of the dumbbell and has added features such as indicias that a user can quickly see in order to know which direction the dumbbell


Swimming pool debris removing skimmer

This invention relates to a novel floating debris removing skimmer for swimming pool and other similar bodies of water. The skimmer comprises a generally rectangular enclosure which comprises an inlet opening coupled to a flow control door or flapper.


Handle for telescoping tubing

A handle for holding and securing telescoping tubings has a handle which when turned, partially threads in or threads out a threaded knob.


Skating training aid

A skating training aid consisting of a base plate that slides on the ice-or rolls on any other less slippery surface and is made of a series of telescoping adjustable rods and the said device can also accept weight plates to adjust the level of strength required to push it while practicing skating movements.


Reinforcement for concrete wall

A reinforcement includes two parallel walls formed with braces arranged along two orthogonal directions, the walls being spaced apart by tie rods.


Bedsheet retainer system

A bedsheet retainer system consisting of a plurality of clips grappling a single latte around which the bedsheets are wrapped.


Strap buckle

A strap buckle made from a single piece of bent material, the bent material forming a first generally U-shaped portion; a second generally U-shaped portion; and an elongated


Energy generator

An energy generator using transistors to amplify current and use some of its energy to prolong the life of its battery.


Universal electrical energy saver

A universal electric energy saver to recuperate power losses comprised of a bank of condensers connected in parallel; a bank of resistors with some connected in


Winch for cargo tie-down straps

A winch for cargo tie-down straps to tie down straps comprising a winch frame having a frame securing segment and a pair of integrally extending flanges; a winch


Safety Harness

A safety harness consists of a harness similar at first glance to other harnesses of the type but with the added feature of a conical waistbelt and specially contoured shoulder pads.


Leg rehabilitation apparatus

A leg rehabilitation apparatus comprises a base including first and second base members, wherein the first base member is linearly adjustably connected to the second base member.


Heating foot stool


Inflatable seat cushion

An inflatable seat cushion having separate compartment that can either exchange air between them or not acording to adjustments made by the user.


Back-up range guide for vehicles

A vehicle back-up guide comprised of a lever arm which defines an abutting arm and a spacing arm angled relative to each other.


Rib cage retractor

A rib cage retractor for game hunters comprises a bar clamp/spreader as is known in the art, such a tool has an end piece which is removable and that, when placed on the opposite end of the bar, acts as a spreader.


Computerized system for the management of personnel response time in a restaurant

The present invention relates to restaurants, computer networks, wireless portable computers and more specifically to a restaurant service and transaction monitoring; time management; and processing system and method.


Fishing Game


Musical string networks

The basic premise of this invention is to describe and reduce to practice a phenomena by which a string—which is generally known as a singular straight line having a certain tension, diameter and length that produces a vibration—can, when put in a network consisting of a plurality of strings connected together at one or more junction points and radiating therefrom, create a new entity known as a which has new vibrating properties.


Work tool belt device

A work tool belt device includes an elongated strap for mounting on a user's waist and for carrying a plurality of tools thereon.


Sulky shaft connector device

A sulky shaft connector device includes a swivel ball joint arrangement whereby the sulky shaft is allowed relative damped vertical movement with respect to the harness.


Accessory for making patties from a vacuum filling machine

An accessory for making patties from a vacuum filling machine uses a back and fro bidirectional sliding motion which alternately presents two or more openings to an output from a vacuum filling machine.


Potty training device for boys

A potty training device for use on toilets has a target releasably attached to a bent rod which is pivotally attached to a clamping means.


Anti dry-fire device for crossbows

An anti dry-fire device for crossbows mounted on a viewfinder mount has a catch rotationally attached to a catch holder by way of an attachment pin.


Chimney sealing cap

A chimney sealing cap has a standard cap and a one-piece crown. The single-piece crown is directly attached to a chimney casing.


Electronic lock module

An electronic lock module consisting of a series of electronic buttons used for entering a lock combination; LEDs for monitoring the status; a piezo-buzzer to provide audio feedback; a microcontroller circuit to process the


Golf ball picker


Batery charging case holder


Add-on wedge lock connector for automobile

A securing device for releasable attachment of a tissues box to a car console. The device includes a trapezoidal template having a pair of opposite lateral side edge portions each with a lengthwise groove.


Telescopic stabilizer

A telescopic stabilizer for travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome which can extend to the required length no matter the distance between each jacks and is set up diagonally so that it creates a cross beam of sort which reinforces and stabilizes two otherwise separate jacks.


An improved lever bar

An improved lever bar has an elongated shaft having two opposite distal ends. The first of the two opposite distal ends includes a crescent shaped portion having


Compressing device for plastic bottles

A compressing device for plastic bottle uses a pair of plates which are strapped on each side of a bottle. The straps are tightened as the bottle's content is used up.


Enhance pin and password protection system and method

An enhanced PIN, password, passcode protection system and method using an input terminal interface displaying a sequence of random symbols and a set of software rules set in a lookup table also prepared by software means, and the software means


Lateral confinement device for use in children’s bed

A lateral confinement device for use in children's bed comprising a pair of units each consisting of a lateral mound and each mound having a blanketing part extending therefrom.


Air intake deflector for twin carburetors

An air intake deflector to deflect air towards twin carburetors including a specifically sized and configured element inserted inside an existing air intake adaptor


Modular tutor system having lights

A modular tutor system having lights has a base having a series of holes made into it. Any one of those holes can receive a tutor assembly since some species of plants may require more than one tutor to fully support it as it grows.


An improved waste grease disposal bin

A grease waste container has a main body forming an interior space; the container having vertical side walls, an enclosed base end, and an upper end that is wider than the base end.


Geothermal Aqueduct Network

A geothermal aqueduct network has a heat pump inside each individual dwellings plus a circulation pump to provide circulation between the house and the aqueduct by way of an exit pipe (besides the existing water entry pipe) that returns the water to the aqueduct network.


Magnifying and illuminating lectern or lectern adaptor

A magnifying and illuminating apparatus which can both be fitted onto existing lecterns or used as an integral part of an improved lectern and which combines a light source and a magnifying element in order to improve visibility of the viewable material placed under it.


Lunch box transforming into a placemat

A lunch box transforming into a placemat has at least two zippers with one of the two zippers running along at least three but preferably four sides while the second zipper runs along the remaining sides so as to allow, when all unzipped, to open the lunch box so that it lays falt and becomes a placemat.


Portable window/windshield cleaning device

A portable window/windshield cleaning device is self contained with washing liquid and a squeegee.


Rock and root puller

A rock and root puller connected to a three point hitch assembly and used for extracting rocks, stumps roots and other impediments at or below ground level having


Survival hook

A survival hook consisting of a pair of hooks rotationally attached to a plate which is itself provided with fastening means to retain the plate over clothing, typically over the forearm of a user.


Leveling tool for applying fluent material

A leveling tool having a body which consists of a handle part and a leveling part. Said leveling part being generally pointed in shape by way of two converging plows.


Mechanism for the operation of multiple panels door with increased insulating properties

An improved mechanism for the operation of multiple panels door with increased insulating properties comprises a means that keeps the door panels away from the seal as they move up or down vertically and that brings the panels tightly against the seal when the panels have completed their vertical course.


Tool for tracing horizontal lines on curved surface

A tool for tracing horizontal lines on curved surfaces configured so that it can receive two spirit levels and a slider to allow for one level to push against a ruler so as to give the ruler a curvature similar to that of a wall.


Toilet seat lifter

A toilet seat lifter having a piston with its main body rotationally attached to a fastening plate itself fixedly attached to the toilet bowl by way of one of the two existing seat fastening bolts. The extension part of the piston is rotationally attached to an shaped bracket which is fixedly attached to the underside of the toilet seat.


Adjustable primary air supply for wood burning device

An adjustable primary air supply for wood burning device comprises at least one but preferably two thermostatic bimetal elements which, by bending with temperature variations, directly actuate a flap that opens and closes the air entry opening.


Magnetic amplifier

A Magnetic amplifier has a main disc having a plurality of permanent magnets embedded therein; an electric generator; a main disc shaft connected


Air filtration assembly

Filter racks are disclosed that are adjustable to accommodate filters of various thicknesses. The filter racks may include an insert that can be positioned within the base of the filter rack in two or more positions to adjust the receiving width of the filter rack.


Leaf snatcher

The present invention discloses a leaf snatcher consisting of a protective grille, a blade activated by a motor.


Improved humane trap for animals

A humane trap has a body with a lid at one end and an open end at the opposite end of the body thereof.


Robotic tree trimmer

A robotic tree trimmer has a hydraulic system adapted to be mounted to a tractor and comprising an extendible vertical mast.


Recumbent cycle with a single stroke linear pedaling system

The invention relates generally to bicycles but more particularly to a recumbent bicycle using a single linear stroke pedaling system. This instant recumbent bicycle offers a unique single stroke linear type of pedaling wherein both legs protract and retract simultaneously so that a single push is made instead of alternating pushes.


Multicompartment funeral urn

A multicompartment funeral urn has an ash compartment and at least one alternate compartment which can be used for putting in accessories such as a book binder that can include a signature registry, a photo album or any such items.


Washing device for recyclable containers

A washing device for recyclable container comprises a base from which perpendicularly extends a stand. A hose connected to a faucet.


Modular plant support

The mulching structure is so configured as to allow through flow of the water between the first and second wall apertures while preventing through passage of the light rays from the first wall outer surface to the second wall outer surface. The first wall and the second wall extend in a generally parallel relationship relative to each other. The first wall aperture is configured, sized and positionned so that its geometrical projection on the second wall in a direction perpendicullar to the first wall is offset relative to the second wall aperture. Similarly, the second wall aperture is configured, sized and positionned so that its geometrical projection on the first wall in a direction perpendicullar to the second wall is offset relative to the first wall aperture.


Support frame for tarpaulin used for sheltering boats and other objects

A Support frame for tarpaulin for use over boats in storage uses easy to assemble tube elements that are easily attached together without the use of tools in order to create a structure that allows for the laying of a tarpaulin.


Portable seat cover

A portable seat cover to cover the back of a variety of seats has drawstrings on its side to adjust to a variety of seat backs, a head rest that is stowable when there are no headrest to cover, and a built-in pouch into which can be folded the portable seat cover.


Knockdown labyrinth framework

A knockdown labyrinth framework made up of tubes interconnected to make a base unit which itself combines with three others by way of a connection hub to make up a master square.


Collapsible hitched trailer

A collapsible hitched trailer comprised of a bed member having a center bed section, and two pivotable bed sections pivotally attached to opposite sides of the center bed section.


Snow and watersliding carrier for amusement center

A snow and water sliding carrier for amusement center has a body having a general shape of a torus having a central opening, a floor member that closes the central opening, and has an opposite side defining a bottom member, such that the floor member is concave and the bottom member is convex.


Multipurpose steering wheel holder

A steering wheel book holder designed to be releasably attachable to a steering wheel without requiring special tooling or manual dexterity and designed so as to be customized to a various configuration and size of steering wheels and so as to provide a sturdy and reliable support surface for supporting printed matter and allowing the latter to be ergonomically readable to an individual seating behind the wheel of a conventional vehicle.


Creamy candle making compound

A candle making compound is comprised of a combination of mineral oil, generally liquid paraffin and petrolatum, also known as petroleum gelly.


Fiber optic light bar

A light bar includes an optical fiber, a mounting member, and a fiber supporting member. The fiber supporting member is connected to the mounting member. The optical fiber is supported by the fiber supporting member.


Brake actuator for a towed vehicle

A brake actuator is mounted on a towed vehicle. The towed vehicle's own brake pedal actuates the brakes of the towed vehicle and the brake pedal is actuated by a cable mechanically and releasably attached to the brake pedal.


Flotation device for small airplane

An emergency flotation device for crashed small airplanes which can be retrofited on most small airplanes as well as come preinstalled on new small airplanes, is self contained in a small container; has several independent triggering means; and has a visual as well as an RF beacon system integrated within to call for rescue.


Platform for a portable vacuum and shredder apparatus

A platform for securing a portable vacuum and shredder apparatus has brackets for attaching a shredder onto the platform. A vacuum tube for the ingress of matter to be shredded.


A tire handling apparatus

A tire handling apparatus comprises a structural body composed of a hydraulically actuated scissor lift assembly for adjusting the height of a tire receiving platform; a movable plank that can be stowed away when not in use but is protruding off the side of the body so that it can receive a tire removed from a vehicle.


All season air propelled

An all season air propelled watercraft has an elongated cabin structure adapted to accommodate at least one person therein. An elongated central pontoon member adjustably mounted to a bottom portion of the cabin structure and extending in a parallel direction thereto for at least the length thereof.


External removable frame structure for ATV

An external, removable frame structure for ATV is made out of tubing making out three sides hingedly attached to each other and having a hitch ball attachment and clip on attachment to a cross beam which is permanently attached to the frame of the ATV.


Automated car door opening

An automated car door opening system proposes a very simple yet reliable system that can easily be retrofitted on most cars. It uses the combination of a large electrically actuated inner shaft cooperating with a piston.


Method and system for filtering electronic message

A method for filtering an incoming electronic message sent by a sender and addressed to a user.


Soap holder

A soap holding device, besides fixedly holding a cake of soap, allows it to dry rapidly by draining off the water, thus obviating the possibility of a portion of the soap cake getting soft due to contact with moisture.


Device for self inducted Heimleich maneuver


Mold for pastries


Table hockey game


Releasably attachable cup holder


Doorknob attached pamphlet bag holder


Spray bottle for Bar-B-Q


Cushion for breastfeeding


Two-tier table


Wine bottle rack


Exercise apparatus for forearms


Combined prophylactic and lubricant container


Combined clothing stand and drier


Carrying case for puzzles


Shoe dryer and stretcher


Wheeled holder for carpet cleaning nozzle


Container for squeegee


Tagging and identification system for luggage

An itinerary travel tag attached to a piece of luggage, the travel tag including a code; a mechanism for retrieving and sending the code electronically;


Spring for windshield wiper assemblies

A spring for windshield wiper assemblies is comprised of a resilient rod having a plurality of sections adapted to removably attach to a windshield wiper assembly of a vehicle.


Shallow Electric box

A shallow electric box has a back wall, and top, bottom, and opposite side walls perpendicularly connected to said back wall to thereby form a box shape.


Jamb and frame combination for doors and windows

A jamb and frame combination for doors and windows having an elongated L-shaped cross section member adapted to fit snugly against two abutting side portions of a window or door casing, and including a tongue portion along one distal side portion and extending the length thereof, and at least one removable fastener adapted to pass through the L-shaped cross section member in an area adjacent to the tongue portion and into the window or door casing to thereby hold the L-shaped cross section member snugly thereto.


Wave energy harnessing mechanism

A wave energy harnessing mechanism comprising a grid of piston members interconnected at respective ends thereof.


Inertial braking system for a trailer

An inertial braking system for a trailer has an elongated casing member defining an axis along its elongated length, and having an opening at one end of the elongated length.


Compact beauty station

A beauty station formed as a cabinet adapted to be hung on a wall, the cabinet comprising a main structural frame generally shaped as a box having side walls, a top wall, a bottom wall, a back wall, and a front wall defining an interior space.


Rifle sling

An improved rifle sling comprising of three buckles on an adjustable belt.


Accessory for a hockey goalie blocker pad

A hockey goalie blocker pad for use with a hockey goalie blocker. The blocker pad has a substantially rectangular volume having four sides, a top surface, and a bottom surface opposite the top surface; the bottom surface has a curved shape adapted to coincide with the curved shape of a top surface of the goalie blocker, to thereby fit snugly there against. The top surface is substantially flat and includes a hook surface including hook material thereon and adapted to interact with a surface of a practice hockey ball having loop material thereon, and a connector member adapted to securely and removably attach the blocker pad to the blocker.


Musical instrument laser tracking device

A musical instrument laser tracking device comprises a musical instrument digital interface adapted to be connected to a musical instrument digital interface port of a musical instrument. A computer system electronically connected to the musical instrument digital interface and incorporating software adapted to produce electronic signals to control a laser projector. A digital-to-analog converter electronically connected to the computer system and adapted to convert the electronic signals from a digital format to an analog format, and a laser projector electronically connected to the digital-to-analog converter and adapted to receive the electronic analog signals from the digital-to-analog converter, generate laser beams accordingly, and shine the laser beams on predetermined objects in predetermined patterns.


Modular house building system

A modular house building system has floor module supports; floor modules...


Granular food dispenser installed under a cupboard

A food dispenser for attaching underneath a cupboard, wherein the dispenser has a bin member having four side walls and a dispensing hatch at a bottom portion thereof, and bin channels formed in top portions of two opposite of the side walls, and a support bracket adapted to be securely attached underneath the cupboard having four side edges, wherein two opposite side edges have support channels adapted to engage respective bin channels of the bin member opposite side walls, such that the bin member can slide on and off the support bracket. The dispensing hatch is pivotally attached to one of the four side walls of the bin member, such that the hatch can be pivotally opened and closed such that food can be extracted from the bin member.


Sliding panels system for hiding a flat screen TV

A sliding panels system for hiding a flat screen television, has a wall ....


Interactive pin array device

An interactive pin array device comprising a plurality of elongated pins held in a frame and forming a set. The frame is adapted to hold the plurality of pins in a parallel position to one another in a series of columns and rows, such that the distal ends of the plurality of pins together form a flat virtual plane. Each pin of the plurality of pins includes an elongated housing member defining a linear axis therethrough, and a pin member adapted to slide linearly in either direction along the axis. Each of the housing member includes an upper electromagnet, and a lower electromagnet separated from the upper electromagnet.


Furniture assembly modules

A set of furniture assembly modules adapted to hold members of a piece of furniture together in a preassembled position prior to or during final assembly. The set of furniture assembly modules comprising at least one corner module having a face member and at least two side wall members extending perpendicularly from the face member in the same direction, wherein the face member of the corner module is formed having an L-shape, and at least one intermediate module having a face member and at least three side wall members extending perpendicularly from the face member in the same direction, wherein the face member of the intermediate module is formed having a T-shape, such that a user can incorporate any necessary number of corner and intermediate modules required to hold the piece of furniture together in the pre assembled position prior to or during final assembly.


wedged mattress cover

A wedged mattress cover with a horizontal shape at the head.


Wine bottle holder

A new original design of a wine bottle holder.


Laptop Camera Blocker

The ornamental design for a laptop camera cover.


Neonatal arm splint

Splint to immobilize an arm during intravenous infusion in the newborn.


Neonatal foot splint

Splint to immobilize an foot during intravenous infusion in the newborn.


Recreational Bobsleigh

A bobsleigh for recreational use has a monolithic body having a nose section, two sides, and an underside.


Float accessory for a land vehicle

A float accessory for land vehicles has a front rack portion and a rear rack portion.


Collapsible support structure for flexible hoses

A collapsible support structure for flexible hoses has a plurality of X-frames...


Collector net and bracket for a pool filter

A collector net having a net section adjustably connected to a bracket section, wherein the bracket section is adapted to adjustably connect to a pool frame.


Extension implement for a pneumatically actuated buffer

An extension frame for a pneumatically actuated buffer...


Variable secondary air intake device

A variable secondary air intake device has a baffle member adapted to be...


Vehicle egress aid

A vehicle egress aid comprising an elongated body having a pair of grasping members at a distal end thereof...


Ergonomic adjustment system for a clip-less bicycle pedal

An ergonomic adjustment system for clip-less bicycle pedal.


Device for thermal monitoring of the terminals of an electrical connection device

The subject matter of the invention is a device for thermal monitoring of a connection device...


Compact plant growing unit

A compact plant growing unit has a body having an interior volume, a front portion...


Utensil for cooking pastry dough over a campfire

The design represents all of the features of shape, configuration, pattern, and ornament of a pastry dough utensil.


Glove having an embroidery friendly tab

The design represents all of the features of shape, configuration, pattern, and ornament, of a glove having an embroidery friendly tab.


Drywall tape dispenser actuated using a drill

A drywall tape dispenser actuated using a drill has...


Empty seed shells removing apparatus

The empty seed shell removing apparatus has a main body including an...


Adjustable circulating chamber for fire inserts

An adjustable circulating chamber for a fireplace insert having a rear wall including two linear sets...


Casing for an air conditioning unit

This invention consists of an air conditioning unit for semi-buried communication building (WIC).


Mushroom growing implement

This invention consists of a mushroom shaped sculpture...


Improved pool skimming net apparatus

An improved pool skimming net apparatus has a net member including a frame and a net held by the frame.


Bar B Q utensil holder with spatula

Bar B Q utensil holder with spatula.


Sport equipment bag with drying system incorporated therein

A sport equipment bag with drying system incorporated therein has a flexible shell defining an environmentally controlled interior space having a bottom portion, side wall portions, and a top portion.


System and method for alleviating the appearance of scars and/or scar tissue

A system for alleviating the appearance of scar tissue, said system comprising a combination of two compounds; a first compound having properties that perform skin regeneration; and a second compound having properties that provide a physical barrier adapted to protect scar tissue by insulating it from ambient air while maintaining and protecting said first compound that is combined therewith.


Baseboard for use in preheating water

A baseboard for use in preheating water has a heating element having a ...


Variable air intake control for rapid fire starting in solid fuel burning appliances

A variable air intake control for rapid fire starting in solid fuel burning appliances has...


Double ended fishing worm canister

A double ended fishing worm canister in a double ended canister for....


Outdoor faucet

The design represents all of the features of shape, configuration, pattern, and ornament, of an outdoor faucet.


Mushroom growing implement

The design represents all of the features of shape, configuration, ....


Bag supporting cart

The design represents all of the features of shape, configuration, ....


Propane tank support apparatus equipped with trunk opening device for car

A propane trunk support apparatus for a car trunk comprising: a base including a pair of pegs; a cylindrical receptacle...


Adjustable Primary Air Supply for Wood Burning Device

An improved adjustable primary air supply for wood burning device comprises a base plate having an opening from...


Toilet having a built-in odor evacuating system

Toilet having a built-in odor evacuating system has a toilet body...


Rotatable platter for a monitor having a passage for wiring and a stopper

A rotatable platter for monitors comprising a platter member fixedly attached to a rotating plate member....


Neonatal Hand Splint

Splint to immobilize a hand during an intravenous infusion in the newborn.


Angle shear safety guide splitting system for wood/log splitters

An angled shear safety guide log splitting system has an elongated frame having parallel elongated guides attached thereto. A pressure...


Three headed cutting apparatus for attachment to a lawnmower tractor

A three headed cutter is comprised of a cover assembly under which are located the three cutting head assemblies. The cover...


Casing for an air conditioning unit

Casing for an air conditioning unit


Connector for mechanically and electrically connecting a chandelier to a ceiling electric box

A connector for mechanically and electrically connecting a luminaire to a ceiling electric box comprises a ...


Lip protector for use on canned beverages

A lip protector for use on canned beverages has a cover member formed in...


Snow raft having a plurality of adjustable speed control studs

A snow raft comprises a plurality of adjustable speed control studs...


Blocking mechanism for preventing the opening of tail gates and related rear doors on light trucks and SUVS

A blocking mechanism for preventing the opening of a tail gate on...


Utensil Holder

The ornamental design for a utensil holder, as shown and described.


Attachment means for connecting a goalie pad to a skate

An attachment means for connecting a goalie pad to a skate. Has a


Security apparatus for a vertical baler

A security apparatus and gate for a vertical baler has a perimeter security barrier formed...


Pipe beveling tool

A pipe beveling tool has an arcuate pipe adapter mechanically attached to...


Granular food dispenser installed under a cupboard

A food dispenser for attaching underneath a cupboard, wherein the dispenser has a...


Furniture assembly modules

A set of furniture assembly modules adapted to hold members of a...


Improved hook for pegboard

An improved hook for use with a pegboard is provided. The improved hook has a...


Relaxation and meditation eyewear

A relaxation and meditation eyewear has...


Insulating panels for above ground swimming pool

An assembly comprising an above ground swimming pool having a...


Accessory for a hockey goalie blocker pad

A hockey goalie blocker pad for use with a...


Heating coil for a plumbing vent

A heating coil for a plumbing vent is provided to melt snow and ice keeping the...


Bar B Q utensil and tool holder

A Bar B Q utensil and tool holder has a...


Pully system for transferring motor torque to a cutting blade assembly

A pulley system for transferring motor torque to a cutting blade assembly is...


Snow roller accessory for use on snow blower devices

A snow roller accessory for use on a snow blower device installed on a...


Led fixture having a heat dissipating feature

A lighting fixture comprising a hollow body member having a...


Pulling tool for human powered cycling vehicles

A pulling tool for a human-powered wheeled vehicle comprising an arm member including...